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See why schools are using MindScholar Online Learning to support their pastoral care & learning strategies...

MindScholar enables teachers to improve student mindset, study skills & exam preparation.

  • Access to all learning modules: Mindful Resilience,  Study Hard & Smart,  Harness Your Growth Potential,  Learning Styles,  Peak Productivity and Elite Mindset Exam Preparation
  • Add teachers, classes & students to your platform
  • Assign modules to students
  • Student certificates upon completion
  • Progress Tracking
  • Free lesson plans to reiterate module content
  • Free customer support

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An effective and convenient way to improve learning & well-being
Content based on the factors most predictive of student performance
Easily integrates into existing school
learning & pastoral care strategies
Less logistical & costing barriers
compared with engaging guest speakers
Superior learning outcomes compared
with other extra-curricular options
Full user autonomy with ‘lesson plans’ to entrench learning
Unlimited use of learning modules
with new modules added regularly


We are proud of the positive feedback from schools who have worked with Mindscholar. Feedback shows that most students gain practical mindset and learning strategies that genuinely improve their wellbeing and performance.

It’s great! I learned a lot about my learning and how to apply different aspects to help me succeed!

Year 12 student, Como Secondary High School

Great information on attitudes and mindfulness! There was some great tips for helping improve my study techniques.

Year 11 Student, Baldivis Secondary College

I am now more equipped for study, school and life having participated.

Year 11 student, Applecross High School

An excellent way to discover new study techniques but also how to recognize habits and current techniques.

Year 11 student, Tranby College

Awesome! It helped me out a lot and it can help anyone who is unsure about learning and studying in school and around the community.

Year 10 student, Butler College

It taught me a lot. I feel so much more confident and I understand what I’m supposed to be doing each night

Year 11 student, Warnbro Community High

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