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Mindful Resilience

Become more psychologically self aware and use mindfulness to become more resilient.

1 Period     Years 10, 11, Year 12

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Elite Mindset Exam Preparation

Supercharge your exam preparation with elite performance mental and practical strategies.

2 Periods     Years 11 & 12

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Study Hard & Smart

Acquire the learning, concentration and memory strategies to improve your study skills.

2 Periods     Years 11 & 12

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Overcoming Adversity

Learn how to navigate hardships, build character and be stoic in the pursuit of your goals.

1 Period     Years 10, 11, Year 12

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Harness Your Growth Potential

Learn the mindset and thinking strategies required to optimise your performance for the long term.

1 Period     Years 10, 11, Year 12

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Paul Watson

Deputy Principal, Prendiville Cathlic College

“Thanks to Steve Moreschini and the team from Mindscholar for the Optimised Learning Workshop they conducted with our Year 11 Prendiville students. The growth mindset and learning resilience strategies are invaluable for students today. Steve’s professionalism and communication with the school in organising the event and providing feedback post workshop was outstanding. He had a great manner and developed an excellent rapport with the students in a a short time frame. Well worth the time in investing in our students future and optimising their learning”.

HOW CAN we help YOU?

Mindscholar empower students to realise and act on their own learning potential.


Exam time

Tame exam anxiety and perform at your optimum.


Improve learning

Understand your unique learning strategies to help you succeed.


Hone focus

Boost your energy, will power and productivity to achieve more.


Get a head-start

Give yourself an advantage with high performance techniques.

Carolyn Cook

Deputy Principal, Prendiville Cathlic College

Steve led our Year 11 ATAR students through the Optimised Learning Workshop, focusing on practical and positive strategies so students could work on being their best, especially in terms of maximising effort and developing a growth mindset. Steve negotiated the brief according to our needs, demonstrating a flexibility to tweak, adapt and cater for our students and our context. Student response has been very positive, and the experience has provided a foundation we return to with students reflecting on their own progress and skill development.


We are proud of the positive feedback from students who have attended a Mindscholar workshop. Feedback shows that most students gain practical mindset and learning strategies that genuinely improve their wellbeing and performance.

I found it very interesting. Due to this workshop, I’ll be able to go further with my studies and achieve better marks. They were very knowledgeable.

Year 11 student, Warnbro Community High

Great workshop to work out and fine tune attitudes, mindfulness, values and connect them to study. I found some great information to help improve my study techniques.

Tertiary Level student, Curtin University

Informative, friendly environment – really enjoyable workshop and delivered useful and applicable information

Year 10 student, Butler College

It taught me a lot. I feel so much more confident and I understand what I’m supposed to be doing each night

Year 11 student, Warnbro Community High

I am now more equipped for study, school and life having participated.

Year 11 student, Applecross High School

It’s been a really good experience.  I have never experienced anything like this, but found it great

Year 11 student, Prendiville Catholic College

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