About Us

Who is MindScholar?

Our Approach

Mindscholars’ services are created with a real understanding of the opportunities and pressures that students face. Our safe and engaging learning environments cater for how adolescents best learn, helping students to thrive in the face of adversity.

Adopting a ‘scientist-practitioner’ approach, Mindscholar leverage from the most current, valid and reliable research pertaining to student performance.


Founding Members

Steve Moreschini – Director

Steven is a registered Psychologist specialising in Organisational Psychology. He has 10 plus years’ experience creating and facilitating a variety of learning packages ranging from leadership to performance management based workshops. Whether it be in a personal, business or sporting context, Steven has a passion for self-improvement. With an informed understanding of how people learn, Steven prides his ability to really make learning ‘stick’, empowering participants to take control of their own learning potential.

Augustine Hwee – Principal Psychologist

Augustine (Augie) has worked as a clinical Psychologist for almost 20 years coaching individuals, working with organisations and delivering training. He is particularly interested in how we can all lead happier and more productive lives drawing upon psychological science and positive psychology. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience of boosting motivation and will-power, overcoming personal obstacles such as negative thinking and anxiety and sustainable behaviour change. He has worked with a wide range of people including office based staff, trades people, law enforcement and prison officers and military personnel. He firmly believes that with a focused mind, will-power and perseverance we can achieve more than we thought possible.