Can we Control our Thoughts?

The power of our thoughts

We are governed by the incredible power of our brain, which processes between a remarkable 12,000-50,000 thoughts per day!

When considering the role of our thinking in shaping our life, most Psychologists prescribe to the theory that our thoughts have a considerable influence over our feelings & behaviour.

For example, you will probably agree that thinking negatively will likely cause you to feel unpleasant emotion. In addition, you may notice that your actions are not as likely to be as productive than compared to when your thinking is positive!

This is one simple – yet apt explanation – highlighting how life experience is governed by thoughts!

Subconscious thinking

Although we can consciously identify some of our thoughts, most of them are in fact on repeat and automatically occur subconsciously!

In addition, thoughts that are programmed into the subconscious are often  ‘unquestioned’ and ‘unchallenged’. The net result of this programming means that we are typically unaware of up to 85 per cent of our thoughts! Over time, these thoughts can turn into habitual beliefs – which can be a real barrier to well-being and productivity should the origin of these thoughts be negative and self-defeating in nature!

So, can we control our thoughts?

The sheer number of thoughts and the incredible power of subconscious programming raises the question of whether we can actually control our thinking?

I believe that thoughts that have been already been programmed cannot be immediately controlled in terms of being able to prevent them from occurring!

However, I do believe that in the immediate term, we can control our thoughts through simply being aware of and not being governed by them!

So perhaps instead of viewing thoughts as something that can and must be controlled, perhaps the focus should be on not letting our thoughts control us!

In the case of negative thoughts, we must learn to decipher them and create a mental screen so negativity doesn’t continue to seep into our subconscious based on previous thought patterns and experiences!



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