How Can Your Students Improve?

Mindscholar has a range of useful diagnostic tools to assess and develop the competencies critical to student well being and performance.

Student Evaluation Survey and Report

A complimentary service packaged with the ‘Optimsed Learning Workshop’, Mindscholar measure and report on student perceptions relating to – learning & memory, stress & anxiety, coping strategies and improvement potential – ‘before’ and ‘after’ their participation. Providing a cohort snapshot of student self-efficacy, the evaluation report highlights the extent to which students believe they can successfully improve their own meta-cognition and well-being. Subsequently, this can be used to confirm student improvement, as well as to inform further interventions.

Student Success Attribute Profile (SSAP)

This online questionnaire benchmarks students against 5 non cognitive factors  predictive of student performance, including; Self-efficacy, Perseverance,  Mindset, Self Regulated Learning and Achievement Orientation. Highlighting both key strengths and development opportunities, reporting options can include a Group Cohort Report (for school leaders) or an Individual Development Report  to help individual students improve their approach.

Student Well-being Assessment Pulse

As commonly used in a variety of high performing industries and professions, Mindscholar can consult with your school to custom design a student well being assessment pulse. Completed either bi-weekly or daily, the data from this survey can provide critical and immediate feedback on student well-being.  This feedback will enable your school to identify and address group and individual psychological issues before they spiral out of control. As they say, prevention is the best cure!