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If you have seen our content, you would understand that MindScholar is passionate about helping students become the best they can be. We hope you have picked up some helpful tips from us along the way. In this short post, we want to clarify exactly what we do, and more importantly, how we help schools!

The Pressure Facing Students
You would no doubt be aware that secondary school students are under a lot of pressure. Fitting in socially, an onerous workload, performing well academically and managing stress are only some of the challenges facing students. However, with the right attitude, know-how and self- belief, we believe that ALL STUDENTS can successfully navigate these challenges.

The critical role of Non-cognitive factors
The irony is that countless research pin-points several key non-cognitive factors as the most predictive of student performance and well-being. It’s rarely just about intelligence. Successful students are almost always proficient in the following non-cognitive factors including: mindset, stress management, metacognition, self-efficacy, hope and resilience/grit.

MindScholar Online Learning
MindScholar Online Learning (MOL) upskills students in these non-cognitive areas; specifically imparting key learning (e.g. study skill), mindset & well-being strategies. MOL’s online modules include text-based passages with short quizzes to test comprehension, short videos, downloadable fact sheets, and reflective pop up activities designed to personalise learnings. Additionally, downloadable ‘teacher – facilitated’ lesson plans help students reinforce, expand upon and apply learnings.

The Value to Schools
At its most basic, MOL builds student self-efficacy – the belief that performance can be improved with the right know-how and effort. We are committed to working with schools who share our belief that growth and improvement are always possible for every student.

MOL also provides schools with;
• an opportunity to leverage 21st century ‘flipped learning’ methodology involving teachers reinforcing key content.
• a measurable way to help schools realise existing pastoral care and learning targets & strategies.
• superior learning and behavioural change outcomes compared with engaging ‘fly-by’ (often motivational and study skill based) guest speakers. Let’s face it – students just ‘switch off’ or easily forget content!

Free trial!
If MOL sounds like it could benefit your school, then click here to take advantage of our generous offer of complimentary use for an entire term!
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