Learning How to Learn

When it comes to my work at Mindscholar, it is more than just a job to me…

There is a genuine reason as to why I am so passionate about helping students access their full learning potential.

I’d like to clarify this reason by sharing a little bit about my academic journey, which I am sure a lot of past and present students can relate to.

My Academic Journey

My academic journey is one of persistence, a change in mindset, and perhaps a bit of fortune along the way!

I was pretty much an average performing student who just ‘floated through’ my time in primary and secondary school. However, I was ‘rocked’ by the jump up in difficulty and volume of work in Year 11; a common experience for many students!

During this year, my exam performances yielded some pretty poor results. I received as low as 34% in one subject! It was a huge shock!

However, with hard work and subtle changes in approach, I managed to steadily improve. As simple as it sounds, it didn’t really ‘click’ for me (until this point), I realised I was in charge of my own learning. Subsequently, I made 2 vital changes:

  • who I sat next to in my classes and
  • revising subject-content at home.

By the end of Year 12, I fortunately had a high enough score to just scrape into my first preference at University, Teaching.

My Realisation…

Upon reflection, it seems remarkable that my results actually improved enough to gain entrance into tertiary education. I mean, I only made a couple of changes to my learning and studying routine, not nearly enough to reach my full learning potential.

My conclusion was that after 18 years at school, I was getting pretty darn good at studying, doing assignments & tests! I think anyone would!

Without being aware, I was steadily developing my metacognition skills (understanding how I could learn best) while also developing my attitude, mindset and resilience! And it is of no surprise that the literature highlights these factors as being critical to academic performance!

Although I agree that ‘learning by doing’ was a vital part of my journey, I have no doubt that there could have been a better way… After all, I was pretty fortunate given I just scraped into my first preference at University. Unfortunately, many other students miss out.

Upon reflection, I was pretty ‘reactionary’ in my approach and was unaware of many self-inflicted barriers I created. This was most notable during senior high school.

Specifically, I often held negative ‘defeatist’ attitudes (which I was unaware of at the time), I focussed too much on ‘results’ rather than trying to instil a love for learning, and I had ineffective study habits (I thought re-writing chapters in texts books ‘word for word’ was a great study method)!

This is where I believe MindScholar can assist…

  • Students are provided with a ‘leg-up’ on some of the critical study & mindset strategies during the earlier and critical parts of their academic journey – say in Year 11 when the ‘whips are really cracking’.
  • Students could realise – from the onset – that they had ultimate control through ‘how’ they tackled things, rather than seeing their destiny as predetermined through fixed traits such as intelligence. 
  • Students become lifelong learners who believe they can always improve. After all, there’s an abundance of empirical research suggesting that high self-efficacy (i.e. belief in one’s ability to succeed) is related to improved academic performance…

MindScholar empowers students to take control of their full learning potential, in doing so, improve their academic performance and well-being.

Simple, yet very effective.

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